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updated July 2, 2009

Capoeira de Massaranduba

In 1825, artist Rugendas set in the foreground of a landscape of Bahia across the Bay of All Saints a scene that seems to represent the game of capoeira. In 2001, we sought the same point of view and we asked master Um-por-Um to play capoeira on this spot so that we may record it on video.

image arrétée
Rugendas’ San Salvador  vs.  A still picture from our video

On Rugendas’plate, two distinctive church towers appear aligned, those of Conceição da Praia and of São Bento. Following this line on a map to the shore let us conclude that Rugendas drew the landscape from the Itapagipe peninsula, well after the church of Boa Viagem, but not so far as the fort at Monte Serrat point. Early 19.th century maps show a road or path at about mid-distance. This location is now entirely built. We moved over to a conveniently flat ground beyond the colonial fort.

We asked master Um-por-Um to come with a few others to play the part of the figures on Rugendas' litograph. When he came, we realized that he'd organize a full-fledged roda for the end of that Friday afternoon.

Video Capoeira de Massaranduba

Massaranduba is the neighbourhood of Salvador cidade baixa where master Um-por-Um teaches. The capoeira game in this popular suburb located over the Itapagipe peninsula has a distinct style and flavour.

Recorded on DV 4/3 interlaced 25 fps PAL on August 31, 2001 in Salvador, Bahia by Pol Briand. Duration of the roda :  30 mn ;  of which recorded 27 mn ;  edited MainActor / Linux by Pol Briand to 12 mn.

With master Um-por-Um, master Máximo, Toupeira, Buiú.

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