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Pol Briand

Abstract of Pol's career in capoeira.

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Revised January 9, 2007

autofotoretrato de Pol Briand
Pol Briand
b. on October 10 1955.

Learning capoeira

My involvement in capoeira dates back from 1988. My first steps were directed by master Beija-Flor from Santos, São Paulo, and by master Vasco, (a student of master Calazans, from Salvador, Bahia), who were partners in the two first years of Capoeira Paname, an association founded officially in february 1989 in Paris on the basis of a year-long effort.

facing in the passagem left, Mestre Vasco (Vasco Ariston de Carvalho;
on the right, no berimbau, Mestre Sombra (Roberto Teles de Oliveira);
on the back with pandeiro, Luis Goulart Bom Moço.

Two trips to Brazil, in Bahia and the Northeast and in Santos, gave more colours to this first contact in the end of 1988 and in 1990.

Capoeira Paname held its first batizado in june 1990 under the supervision of Master Sombra, Beija-Flor's master and the leader of the Senzala academy in Santos, S.Paulo).

Listing the many capoeiristas who have contributed to my learning in capoeira would go to such lengths that it cannot be done here; none of them may claim more influence than the already named.

In 1995 I met Lúcia Palmares in Santos. In september 1996 we began the Capoeira Palmares group in Paris. We married in november of the same year.

I received the formado belt in april 1997 and the monitor green/white belt from Master Beija-Flor.


I directed and shot a few video programs that may interest fellow capoeiristas:

Lucia Palmares & Pol Briand
3, rue de la Palestine 75019 Paris
Tel. : (33) 1 4239 6436
Email: polbrian@mandinga.fr

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