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Capoeira Palmares in Paris since 1996

Major events in Capoeira Palmares de Paris group from its creation by Lúcia Palmares in 1996 to the end of classes in 2010.

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Beginnings at the RD Sporting Club 1996-1998

Richard Dieux, European kick-boxing champion (1976) opened the RD Sporting Club, Boulevard Saint-Denis, n. 8 in Paris with a few partners in 1984.

From the first year the club had capoeira classes, first under Luis Carlos Afonso, mestre Marreta, founder of the Berimbau de Ouro association. In 1987, Marreta left for Amsterdam; in 1988, Beija-Flor, just arrived from Brazil, began to teach. In 1995, he entrusted the class to his most advanced students, of which eventually only Pol stayed. In september 1996, he abandoned all responsibility in the classes at the club, and in october, we began Capoeira Palmares de Paris.

Richard Dieux
Richard Dieux (born june 22, 1950)
Had there been capoeira in 64 [in Vanves, near Paris] instead of karate, I think I would have trained capoeira. (may 30, 2002)

Beija-Flor au RD Sporting Club  Beija-Flor saute au RD Sporting Club
Beija-Flor in ginga and a flying kick at the RD Sporting Club in 1992.

The RD Sporting Club closed on november 6th, 1998 as a consequence of insuperable economic difficulties. The Club had always been open to sportspeople, among whom many capoeiristas, passing in Paris. We wish to acknowledge the merits and pay tribute to Richard and Michel, who ever did the impossible to maintain this generous hospitality along with a real sporting spirit in their Club.

Moving around Paris

Thanks to Richard, we did could continue our classes at Studio Coustou, in the 18.th arrondissement, near métro Blanche with no interruption in november 1998. This training hall unfortunately closed in the summer of 2003, so we moved again to Espace Fontaine, quite in the same neighbourhood. We have had also classes in Gymnase Léopold Bellan and Gymnase Ronsard.

In september 2003, we began classes at Club Azteca, near the Buttes-Chaumont Park in Paris.

In september 2007, we grouped all our classes at the Espace Fontaine.

Lúcia also taught in the Ferme du Couvent, in the suburban town of Torcy (77 Seine et Marne), and we should mention also our friends from Sarcelles.


First batizado

A batizado is a special roda that allows the capoeiristas to show their progress. Newcomers may receive a capoeira name (apelido). Our first batizado was held on a cold afternoon, on February 1st, 1998, in the RD Sporting Club in Paris, under the attendance and supervision of the capoeira masters:

Great batizado

Our great batizado was held on May 28, 2000 in Montreuil, near Paris, with a number of capoeira masters and teachers:

& others.

Workshop: Mestre Um-por-Um

Master Mestre Um-por-Um, from Salvador, Bahia (Chapéu de Couro capoeira association) gave two special classes for Capoeira Palmares Paris students, 4 hours on saturday, June 9th and 3 hours on Sunday, June 10th, 2001.

Workshop: Mestre Beija-Flor

On January 19 and 20, 2002 Mestre Beija-Flor gave two special classes for the students of Capoeira Palmares de Paris.

Workshop: contre-maître China

On May 17th, 18th and 19th, 2002, contra-mestre China taught three special classes to Palmares Paris members.

Workshop: professor Buiú

In June 2003, professor Buiú, recently arrived in Paris from Bahia (Chapéu de Couro capoeira association) taught week-end workshops at Espace Fontaine.

Workshop: Armando Pekeno

On November 27th and 28th, Armando Pekeno, capoeirista and choreographer taught special classes.

Freewheeling Roda

On may 14, 2006, association de capoeira Palmares de Paris gladly welcomed in the Espace Fontaine:

and a number of capoeiristas from various groups and associations, as well as old students of Lúcia's who already started to teach capoeira:

with a few of their students.


On june 17 2007, we called for a roda with

so as to publish the end of the training of four of our most senior students, who are now to go on learning from all capoeiristas, “caring of that which is good, wary of that which is no use”:

photoMeeting Michel Rozzi

Michel Rozzi teaches Jeet Kune Do and Kali JKD.

On Sunday November 7, 2007, he demonstrated defense drills to Capoeira Palmares students, as an opening over the viewpoint of other fighting arts that do not classify as combat sports.

Meeting Russo

On October 10, 2009, mestre Russo de Caxias taught in Espace Fontaine.


portrait Meeting Russo again

On April 24 2010, mestre Russo de Caxias
taught at Espace Fontaine.

Moving on...

roda On June 7, 2010, we follow the Espace Fontaine to its new preccints on 9, rue Fromentin, in the same block.

and out

Classes ended in september 2010. Our time teaching capoeira is through, said LĂșcia.



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