Association Capoeira Palmares de Paris

Capoeira Palmares - Paris

Capoeira group in Paris from 1996 to 2010.

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Updated April 24, 2015

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Lúcia Palmares, from Salvador, Bahia, student of Master Nô.

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Pol from Paris, student of Association Capoeira Paname (Master Beija-Flor).

Falamos português -- Nous parlons français.

Lucia Palmares & Pol Briand
3, rue de la Palestine 75019 Paris
tel. : (33) 1 4239 6436
mail : polbrian@capoeira-palmares.fr


Capoeira -- Sharing information worldwide

Lucia teaching

Our home page in French features an introductory text in this place. There is no shortage of such pieces of literature in English, so we felt it was as well to leave it untranslated. Whoever is keen on pointing out minor disagreements between capoeira practitionners' points of view will have to include idiom among these differences.

You will find in English in this website historical texts originally written in English and translations of some of our own contributions. Internet lets us co-operate and exchange worldwide and this is what this site is intended for.


Lucia Palmares & Pol Briand
3, rue de la Palestine 75019 Paris
Tel. : (33) 1 4239 6436
Email : polbrian@capoeira-palmares.fr

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