Ongoing research: Lorenzo Turner in Brazil

compiled by Pol Briand
Revised June 213, 2007.


These documents reflect an ongoing research and are shared with no warranty of accuracy, although I have taken care in avoiding mistakes.


The Records Database

The list of records records.htm is only a computer-generated generation of the original spreadsheet. Some information was dropped in order to fulfill the HTML format specification. However, the html codes retains some hidden information for program use.

A spreadsheet or database format will let you perform selection and sorting, and easily adjust the looks of the document for printing. Please select the format that best suits your computer.

Use the right button of your mouse to save the documents to disk

  1. records.sxc 107.9 kb. recommanded The OpenOffice 1 spreadsheet work format. OpenOffice is an open source, free software running on various computer systems.
  2. records.tar.gz 107.9 kb. The same document, for use with XML programs (see below).
  3. records.htm.gz 72.6kb — the html file in compressed format to save on disk and open with internet browser.
  4. recs_bw.htm 1.4Mb — a computer-generated generation of the original spreadsheet with background colour taken out for printing.
  5. recs_bw.htm.gz 58.5kb — the above in compressed format.
  6. records.xls 444.0kb — a computer-generated Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheet rendering of the original work.
  7. records.dbf 697.9kb — a computer-generated DBF (Database format) rendering of the original work.
  8. records.slk 487.2kb — a computer-generated SYLK rendering of the original work.
  9. records.ods 108.8kb. The original OpenOffice 2 spreadsheet work format.needs OpenOffice 2, not a stable release.

OpenOffice documents

Note to technically minded users

XML file structure

Documents in OpenDocument file format are stored as compressed .zip archives that contain XML files. To view these XML files, you can open the OpenDocument file with an unzip program. The records.tar.gz file should open automatically with such a program. The following files and directories are contained within the files:

An XML reading program, with access to the Internet to get the Document Type Definition from the OpenOffice website if it does not keep a local version, can process such a document. I think that Microsoft Excell 2003 is such a program.