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Augustus Earle, 1821 – 1824

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Revision date: NOV 13, 2004.

Earle's watercolour

Augustus Earle was born in England in 1793, in an American art-oriented
family. A gifted boy, he first exposed at age 13.
Soon after the completion of his formal training, he set out to travel, first in the
Mediteranean, then in the United States of America, and then, at 27, to South
America. After a brief stay in Peru, he disembarked in january 1821 in Rio de
Janeiro. He stayed in Brazil until February 1824. During these three years he
remainded an independant artist. He gave a few of his watercolors to Maria
Graham, who made use of them in her Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and
Residence there during the years 1821, 1822, 1823
, London:1824.
Otherwise Earle's work, mainly watercolours, was not published. The National
library of Australia hold and show on their website a set of these; that is the land
that Earle visited after Brazil. The rest is dispersed.

More about it

See this picture and more by Augustus Earle, in the picture search pages of the
Nacional Library of Australia
www.nla.gov.au/catalogue/pictures/, item id. earle650.jpg;
also in the University of Virginia USA, Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas
picture database project,
http://hitchcock.itc.virginia.edu/Slavery/search.html, item id. IMG03.


In England as well as in Germany, a philosophic trend expressed as early as in the 18.th century the opinion that the real identity of the people is not defined by the educated class' manners, which are always cosmopolitan, but in the simple ways of the common folk.

Boxing and boxing engraving were popular in Britain in young Earle's time; this leads us to suspect that he might have observed better the detail of the action on the glimpse than Rugendas, who as far as we know had not been exposed to any pugilistic culture in Augsburg or Münich, could. See for example the relaxed hands of the fighters.

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